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Title: Here Come’s a Baby Summary: What happens when our… 
25th-Jan-2013 01:34 am

Title: Here Come’s a Baby

Summary: What happens when our favorite family finds out they’re expecting another little one.

Rating: PG

Author’s Note: I hate the ending. I couldn’t find a way to end it properly. If you have a request drop me a message or comment.

Words:  444

For the last week or so Rain has been sick. Leaving Yongguk upset that he hasn’t been able to have his morning kiss (or his morning sexy time but he won’t mention that to Rain’s face). So here Rain found himself, sitting cross legged on the doctor’s examination table waiting for the results of the test the doctor wanted to run.

Head turning to face the door at the sound of jingling keys, Rain waits anxiously for the results. Wanting to know if it was the stomach bug that was going around or if he was dying of some mysterious illness that he had no idea he had.

The doctor pulls his chair closer, a smile finding its way on his face, “Well Rain I have some incredibly good news for you.” Rain sighs, tension falling from his body at those words. “You are expecting another little one.”

And that’s how Rain found himself falling forward into the doctor’s arms, the words shocking him because honestly they weren’t trying for kids. They had their hands full with the twins, Zelo and Jongup. Who caused enough trouble that it seemed like they already had five kids. Plus three year old Daehyun ate enough to feed an entire army. Even though his meals consisted of fruits and whatever else he could get in his mouth.

An hour or so after waking from fainting, Rain found himself taking the long walk (one minute) up the stairs to their house. The ultra sound picture in his wallet, the prenatal vitamins in his pocket and an appoint for the next coming weeks to learn what they would be having. Slips his shoes off at the door and calls out to his husband. Rain leans to too kiss each baby head, before heading to the small studio out back were his husband would be located.

Rain knocks on the door, smiling when Yongguk slides his headphones off and turns to face him. He walks over, pulling a chair up next to him and leans on his shoulder, pulling the ultrasound out of his pocket.

“Baby, I have something important that I need to tell you,” he sighs and hands him the photo. “I found out I was pregnant again.”

Rain bites down on his lip, a little worried about how his husband would react. They had no future plans to have a baby anytime soon; they had their hands full with the three. But he knew that he and Yongguk would love the child no matter what.

But the smile that formed on Yongguk’s face calmed his fears and eased his worries. He sighed and knew they would be alright.

25th-Jan-2013 08:27 pm (UTC)
The ending isn't so bad. It is a cute and simple ending. The only other thing you could of done (imo) is have them having an argument about it...

Another baby! Yay! I hope you are planning to write more of this (Rain/Yongguk) because i like it! :D
26th-Jan-2013 07:55 am (UTC)
I have something planned for the arguing. I'm just trying to figure it out though.

I'm glad you like it! I have another one coming out in a few days.
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