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Title: Tomorrow Pairing: Simon/Jisu Rating: PG-13 [some… 
23rd-May-2012 09:49 pm
Title: Tomorrow
Pairing: Simon/Jisu
Rating: PG-13 [some cursing, just one word.]
Author's Note: Decided to turn it into a 50 Dalmatian Fic Challenge.
Word Count: 398
Fic Count: 2/50

Running as fast as he legs could carry him Jisu tried to outrun his captors. Cursing to himself he really wished he would of listened to his fiance. He really wished he would of taken the body guards like Simon wanted him too. But he refused. At this moment though he regretted it. Dating a gangster came with a price and Jisu was scared that he was about to pay that price.

Quickly ducking behind a building Jisu pulled out his phone pressing speed dial #1 on the phone hoping that his boyfriend would pick out. Taking in deep breaths he waited for what seemed like hours for him to pick up.

"Yes babe. How is everything going?"

"B-Baby people are chasing me and they have guns. I-I'm really scared."

But before he could even get out his location Jisu hears the footsteps of his captors approaching behind him. He hears their loud snickers and high fives as they congratulate each other on finally capturing him. Before he could even blink he fee
ls the butt of a gun hit the back of his head.


With an angry growl Simon tosses his phone across the room. He knew something was wrong the moment Jisu didn't call in to check up with him. He knew he should of had the guards follow him regardless of what his boyfriend wanted.

Quickly standing up and making his way out the doors he had his men quickly assemble. Pacing in front of them everyone watched with their breath caught in their throat as they waited for their leader to speak.

"I want you to find out what fuckers thought it would be wise to take Jisu. I want you to destroy every person who steps in your path. Don't get caught and make it clean. I want them to understand who they're dealing with. No one takes something from me and thinks they can get away with this. Lately, I've been far too nice too people. But it's time to show them why people fear me. Now go!"

Standing up his men quickly bow and usher out the room. Most thoughts on their mind was they hated to be the one who would be at the end of Simon's gun once they found out who took Jisu.

Slowly walking to the window Simon looks out. Tomorrow hell would rain on earth.

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