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25th-Jan-2013 01:34 am(no subject)

Title: Here Come’s a Baby

Summary: What happens when our favorite family finds out they’re expecting another little one.

Rating: PG

Author’s Note: I hate the ending. I couldn’t find a way to end it properly. If you have a request drop me a message or comment.

Words:  444

here come's a babyCollapse )

12th-Jan-2013 11:11 pm(no subject)

Title: Saturday Sleep In

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Rain just wants to enjoy the quiet saturday morning with his husband.

Characters: Bang Yongguk / Jung Ji-Hoon (Rain)

Disclaimer: I don’t own either of them. But if I did I would love them both down.

Words: 761

saturday sleep inCollapse )

19th-Jul-2012 11:43 pm(no subject)
Title: iTunes Meme Challenge
Author: climmy
Pairing: dari/jisu
Rating: pg
Authors Note: Expect sometime either this week or next week a continuation of both Affirmation and Scream.

baby please let me know when you're coming homeCollapse )
30th-Jun-2012 08:50 pm - 50 Dalmatian Fic Challenge
Started: 18 May 2012
001.First kiss002.Final003.Numb004.Broken wings005.Melody
016.Endless sorrow017.Fireworks018.Wishing019.Happy birthday to you020.Tomorrow
036.Clear skies037.Heartache038.Wired039.Insanity040.Foolish
041.Words042.Study043.Punctual044.Piggybank045.Shooting star
046.Writer's Choice047.Writer's Choice048.Writer's Choice049.Writer's Choice050.Writer's Choice

23rd-May-2012 09:49 pm(no subject)
Title: Tomorrow
Pairing: Simon/Jisu
Rating: PG-13 [some cursing, just one word.]
Author's Note: Decided to turn it into a 50 Dalmatian Fic Challenge.
Word Count: 398
Fic Count: 2/50

Tomorrow hell would rain on earth.Collapse )
19th-May-2012 07:59 pm(no subject)

Title: Beautiful
Author: climmy
Pairing: Inati/Youngwon
Rating: PG
Authors Note:  I decided I was going to challenge myself to write 25 Block B Fics and 25 Dalmatian Fics. This would be my first time writing anything that has to do with Dalmatian so sorry in advance. I don’t own them but if I did Simon would be next to me in bed right now.
Word Count: 240
Fic Count: 1/50



Inati thinks yes he is beautifulCollapse )

6th-May-2012 02:47 am(no subject)

Title: Drabble Set #2
Author: climmy

Pairing: Zico/U-Kwon, Zico/Kyung, P.O/Taeil, Zico/Junhyung
Rating: PG
Warnings: Love moments between the Block B couples with a special appearance from Junhyung. I'll try to have the second part to Wet the Bed out soon. Sorry if the suck. I wrote this at 2 this morning with a pounding headache. 

drabble set #2Collapse )

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