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Title: Saturday Sleep In Rating: PG-13 Summary: Rain just wants… 
12th-Jan-2013 11:11 pm

Title: Saturday Sleep In

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Rain just wants to enjoy the quiet saturday morning with his husband.

Characters: Bang Yongguk / Jung Ji-Hoon (Rain)

Disclaimer: I don’t own either of them. But if I did I would love them both down.

Words: 761

Rain sighs for the millionth time. Yongguk refuses to wake up from his coma. It’s Saturday, and on Saturday’s Rain likes to cuddle in bed and have his daily dose of kisses plus sex that is bound to happen. But no, he refuses to wake up and tend to his wife as he likes to call him. Finally fed up he climbs on his lap and bounces, poking and pulling at his cheeks. When that doesn’t work he almost wants to scream or grab a bowl of water and dump it on him. But decides against it, because last time he did that he ended up unable to walk for the next week.

By now Rain has already tended to the twins, Zelo and Jongup. Gave them a breakfast, changed them and chased the around the house since they like being naked so much. Played and put them back down for a morning nap. Tended to a crying Daehyun who seemed to only want his mother to hold and feed him his morning milk. Looking down at his husband he thinks of waking him up the way he wants to, but the hand currently running down his legs says otherwise.

“Now this is what I like, my lovely wife ready for me.” He chuckles, his deep voice sending shivers down Rain’s back.

Rain nips at Yongguk’s neck. “I’ve been ready, but someone seems to think sleeping in is better than being with me.” He pouts. “But now that you’re up, love me like you’re supposed to do.”

“Didn’t I love you enough last night and this morning? Seems like your getting greedy.” He sits up, placing gently kisses on Rain’s neck. “Not that I’m complaining, being with you is like being in heaven.”

Rain blushes deep red. Because no matter how long he’s been with Yongguk, he always seems to know what to say to make him feel like they’re both 18 and madly in love again. But he loves this feeling, because he knows no one will ever be able to make him feel the way he does right now. And he wouldn’t want anyone else in the world to make him feel that way.

Wrapping his arms around Yongguk’s neck, he kisses him deep, tongue running over his lips. He feels Yongguk’s hands running down his sides, giving his butt a hard squeeze that causes him to moan loudly into the kiss. Feeling a harsh smack on his butt, he buries his face in Yongguk’s neck , knowing at any moment this could end. Because having kids tends to interrupt whatever alone time they want to have alone.

Finally it seems Yongguk has enough of the kisses, because Rain suddenly finds himself on his back. Looking up into the eyes of his husband. He smirks, yanking off Rain’s sleep shorts.

He smirks, yanking off Rain’s sleep shorts. “Baby you have to keep those moans to yourself wouldn’t want to wake up the babies before I had a chance to love on you.” Leaning over to take a nipple in his mouth, he bites down and sucks. Rain covers his mouth with his hands, arching into Yongguk.

Soon it become slick fingers trying to press into his body. The blanket covering them, almost as if it’s trying to block out the outside world. Despite the morning breath, Yongguk slips his tongue into his mouth, fingernails digging into his hips. His things become slick with perspiration and he parts them to give Yongguk more room. But that isn’t enough. He wants more, he wants to be closer to him.

But then the door swings open and he lets out a scream. Pushing Yongguk off him, he tugs up his shorts and watches his two oldest children pull each other’s hair and scream. Yongguk groans, rolling on his stomach, grumbling about his loving cut short. Sighing, he hops out the bed and pulls the two kids apart.

He see’s Zelo aim one last punch at his brother, wrapping his chubby little arms around his mothers leg. “Mommy! Jongup threw my robot against the wall!” He looks up, his little chin wobbling.

“No I didn’t, Zelo tossed my pillow on the ground first!” Before he knows it he has two crying kids on his hands while his husband decides it’s the perfect time to sneak into the shower. Leaving him to sort through the mess of what happened.

But just when he thinks it can’t get any worse, little Daehyun comes running down the hall naked. With his dad running right behind him.

13th-Jan-2013 07:51 pm (UTC)
akjdfhieuvghirtvhu ^^

omg! uber cute with just a nice amount of (almost) smut :)
i love it. i love it. i love it. i love it. i love it.
13th-Jan-2013 10:02 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you like it!
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