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Title: iTunes Meme Challenge Author: climmy… 
19th-Jul-2012 11:43 pm
Title: iTunes Meme Challenge
Author: climmy
Pairing: dari/jisu
Rating: pg
Authors Note: Expect sometime either this week or next week a continuation of both Affirmation and Scream.

be back soon | justin nozuka | pg | 160 words

It's killing me, killing me
How I can't get no love without our combination
Killing me, killing me how I get so choked up with every conversation
Killing me, killing me how I'm left in the rain, while you are on vacation
Baby please let me know when you're coming home

Times like these were when it was the hardest ignoring the aching pain in his chest. Jisu knew it wasn't healthy to sit at home doing nothing but wait. But he couldn't help it. Constantly staring at the phone, chest aching, heart breaking waiting for his call. He knew deep in his heart how angry Dari would be if he found out he was just sitting and waiting.

But he loved him and it didn't matter if he had to wait hours, minutes or days for his call. Jisu would sit patiently till his heart no longer ached, till it stopped breaking. Bits and pieces falling on the floor.

Jolted out of his thoughts by the shrill ringing of the phone, he practically lunged across the room at it.

"H-Hello." Trying as hard as he could to keep from bursting into tears, he waited to hear the voice that could heal all wounds that formed while his beloved was away.

affirmation | savage garden | pg | 169 words

I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side
I believe you don't know what you've got until you say goodbye

Stumbling through the house half drunk, the other half grieving. Sometimes Dari coudln't understand how he got himself in this predicaments (most of the time he would blame Inati but this time he knew it was his fault.)

Kicking past half filled bottles and glasses, he passes by the kitchen and wonders if that voice will still greet him with a chipper good morning and kiss on the cheek. But all he says is a sink filled with dishes, mold and a roach skittering by,

He wishes he could go back in time, when everything was golden. When he was happy and had the best person by his side. But he can't. Jisu will never take him back now. Not after what he did, what was said and the things he put him through. The cheating, the abuse, drugs and the drinking.

Falling back down on the couch he looks up at the ceiling and thinks back to the times when everything was nice, when he had it all.

scream | 2ne1 | pg | 183 words

I fell in love with a horrible guy
"It won't happen next time"
So many times
I've sworn that so many times

Jisu always swore to himself that he wouldn't let this happen anymore. But sometimes he slipped and came back. How many times has Dari told him the same thing, how he's changed that he wouldn't do it anymore. He flashed that smile that drove Jisu weak in the knees and set his heart racing.

Weeks would pass, they would be that happen couple. But then Dari would go out, have a few drinks and come home using him as his own personal punching bag.

Lifting his shirt to look at the new bruises and cuts that littered his body he sighed. As quickly as he could he hurried out the door with his bags held tightly in his hand. Chin high in the air he ran as fast as he could ignoring the calls and the cries of his boyfriend. He just ran and never looked back.

Weeks passed before he heard from him again. Once again he showed up, sniviling and crying about how he was sorry. How he would never do it again. He flashed that smile and all was forgiven.

가져가 (Gajyeoga) [Take It] | wonder girls | pg | 144 words

want to keep telling you, how much I like you
I want to keep showing you, how big my heart is
Throughout the day when you glance at me,
How my heart pumps

Much like the story of Romeo & Juliet this was a forbiden type of the love (with the exception of the whole dying at the end). Kisses in the hidden exits of the musix studios, quick blow jobs in empty make up rooms.

Jisu wanted him, and he wanted him bad. Dari was everything he could of wanted. Funny, talented and great to be around.

But he knew deep down inside that it wouldn't ever workout. No matter how much he told him he liked him, wanted to be with him. Dari would never want to come out and say his love for him. He would just be some experiment to him. Just some toy he could use and throw away when finished.

But he didn't care, he would settle for that and everything else if it meant keeping him just that much closer.
give your heart a break | demi lovato | pg | 187 words

Cause you've been hurt before, 

I can see it in your eyes
You try to smile it away, 
Some things you can't disguise
Don't wanna break your heart, 
Baby I can ease the ache (the ache)

Dari wasn't the type to ever be nervous. He was confident, funny and all around a good guy. But here he was outside Jisu's house scared out of his mind (and it had nothing to do with his over protective brother either). He knew that Jisu had one horrible relationship before they started to date. Some jerk who thought it was okay to put his hand on him and cheat.

As far as Dari knew everything was fine with the relationship they had. But lately Jisu has been ignoring him. Not answering his calls or text messages. Avoiding him, running away whenever he tried to comfort him. 

The talk he had with Jisu's best friend Dongrim about it made him understand. Avoiding and running whenever someone got to close or was in the midst of breaking down whatever barrier he had around his heart. But Dari was determined to break past that and prove that he was not like the rest.

He would love him and prove it to him one way or another. Mustering whatever courage he could find he took those final steps and knocked.

3rd-Aug-2012 04:58 am (UTC)
I enjoyed reading these specially Scream.
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